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Ölüm Cezası Geri Gelmeli Mi?

requires an order of sanctions to be established by a supreme aut-

hority as well as prevailing control mechanisms in order to mainta-

in its own order and to have individuals in the society act compli-

ed with social norms. Deeds and acts which disrupt social order in

today’s developing countries are harmful actions for society. Also

when a disrupting action is seen, since the fact is mostly concerned

with individuals, restriction of freedom or deprivation of some other

rights are applied as necessary sanctions to the person leading to

this disruption.

As it can not be possible to imagine a disorderly society, it is ne-

cessary to apply a sanction to reflect the society’s feeling of repro-

bation owing to the act committed by the person who has disrupted

this order. Even though the way it is performed and the kinds have

changed today, sanction manifesting society’s reprobation, giving

pain and suffering to the person applied which is proportional to

the fault, aiming to restore societal order that has been disrupted

becomes punishment.

“Capital punishment” with which is aimed to liquidate a per-

son out of society has not been existed in our country since 1984



and 2004

de jure

. In the first place, capital punishment was

terminated against the crimes except for the cases of war threat

and terror crimes in the year of 2001. “Except for the ones commit-

ted in case of war and immediate war threat”, it was also termina-

ted on August 3, 2002. Through the law 5170 dated on 7 May 2004,

the items related with capital punishment were removed from the

Constitution and through the law 5218 in the year of 2004, the items

related with capital punishment were removed from Turkish Crimi-

nal Law. Thus, the most significant work was implemented in order

to adapt to the European criteria.


The State, Social Order, Sanction, Death Penalty

1. Giriş

İnsanların toplumsallık özelliği birbirleriyle barış içinde, birbirle-

rinin hak ve hukukuna el atmadan yaşamasını zaruri kılar. Dolayı-

sıyla bir hukuk düzeni ortaya konması gerekir. Hukuk düzeni, insan

ilişkilerinin her alanıyla ilgilidir. Düzensiz bir toplum düşünülemeye-

ceğine göre, bu düzeni bozan kişiye karşı, işlediği fiil sebebiyle toplu-

mun kınama duygusunu belirten bir yaptırım uygulanması zorunlu-

dur. Kusur ile orantılı olarak verilen, uygulandığı kişi üzerinde acı ve

ıstırap veren, bozulmuş olan toplum düzenini eski haline getirmeyi

amaçlayan yaptırım cezadır.